Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Why Men Need Unique Discipleship (feat. Anthony Walker)

We’ve got Anthony Walker on the show today and he’s highlighting how men and women require different discipleship approaches. Where women may more naturally fit into ongoing continuous discipleship with their relationships, men typically have a harder time opening up. Anthony wants to help us have a new framework and a new approach for reaching and discipling men. He says we have to meet men where they are, accepting them along with their troubles, and helping them navigate through their lives by walking with Jesus as the ultimate guide. Men have unique struggles, but there is also power in fellowship with the men and guidance from them in overcoming life's challenges.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Kicking Off with a Fast-Paced Introduction

00:40 The Parable of the Queen Isabella Causeway

01:40 Drawing Parallels: Men and the Barges of Life

02:36 The Importance of Discipling Men Differently

04:21 Utilizing Biblical Narratives for Modern Manhood

09:51 The Journey to Better Manhood: Meeting, Accepting, Navigating

14:08 Concluding Thoughts on Navigating Life with Faith


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