Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

What is a Biblical Man? (feat Tim Brown)

Join us for this episode as we go into the inspiring life story of a man who found his true calling in Christ after being 'the train wreck of train wrecks'. Living in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Tim Brown shares his journey from personal and professional downfall to leading a men's discipleship movement impacting thousands. Highlighting the unique struggles men face in discovering their identity in Christ, he elaborates on how God's truths transformed his and others' lives. This heartfelt narrative emphasizes the importance of structured spiritual guidance, the power of understanding one's identity in Christ, and the concept of letting Jesus live through us to make a real difference.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction to Re Up Men's Movement

02:40 The Need for Intentional Discipleship

06:56 The Importance of Friendship Among Men

07:31 Creating Contexts for Spiritual Growth

09:28 Understanding Biblical Manhood

18:17 The Struggle with Identity and Sin

23:52 Understanding the New Creature Concept

26:36 The Crucifixion of the Old Self

27:54 Dual Nature Debate

30:35 Identity in Christ: Saints and Sinners

34:49 The Journey of Biblical Manhood

37:08 Transformative Power of Identity

41:34 Conclusion: Knowing Who You Are


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Becoming a Disciple Maker

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