Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

The Heart of Disciple Making (feat. Brandon Guindon)

We’re finishing up our special series on Disciple Making Culture with 2 special interviews with Brandon Guindon. Brandon is the founding pastor of Real Life Ministries in Texas and today he’s talking with Matt Dabbs about developing a disciple-making culture within your church by sharing his insights on the challenges faced in maintaining perseverance and the American pragmatism that often discourages long-term discipleship.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Diving Deep into Disciple Making Culture

06:16 Exploring the Biblical Foundation of Disciple Making

16:49 The Challenge of Discipleship in Modern Churches

19:50 Discovering the Path to Discipleship

20:43 A Divine Encounter and a New Direction

21:14 The Essence of True Discipleship

23:37 Intentional Leadership in Discipleship

29:00 Building a Disciple-Making Culture in the Church

32:51 The Long-Term Commitment to Discipleship

33:46 Exploring Future Projects and the Importance of Grit


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