Monday Mar 25, 2024

What operating system does YOUR church have? (feat. Todd Wilson)

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In this episode, Matt Dabbs talks with Todd Wilson for part 2 on their conversation about the challenges the American church faces in creating a culture of disciple making. A national study shows only 4% of churches have a disciple-making culture, and Todd gives us insight as to why that is, focusing on the fact that churches with a lot of programs or consumer-driven churches actually hinder discipleship. We need a change in our church’s operating systems. Todd introduces six key elements that are crucial for establishing a new model that prioritizes relational disciple making.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Diving into Disciple Making Culture in American Churches

01:26 The Challenge of Changing Church Operating Systems

05:37 Exploring the Impact of the Church Growth Movement

14:21 Redefining Success: From Mega Churches to Disciple Making

23:01 The Operating System of the Church: A Deep Dive

25:06 Unveiling the Constraint: The Operating System in Church Growth

26:05 The Illusion of Model Tweaking in Church Growth

27:12 The Gravity of Programmatic Reproduction in Church Planting

28:19 Breaking Free: The Challenge of Escape Velocity in Church Innovation

29:47 The Asymptotic Barrier: Navigating Growth Limits in Churches

31:50 Rethinking Church Growth: The Need for a New Operating System

34:17 Introducing a New Operating System for Church Planting

37:43 Dissecting the New Operating System: Elements and Questions

46:05 Mobilization and the Future of Church Planting

46:26 Wrapping Up: The Importance of Disciple Making Culture

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