Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Resources Available to Help You Make Disciples (feat. Bobby Harrington)

Exploring Free Resources, Podcasts, Events, and More

You may not be aware of this, but is a great resource for disciple-making tools. In this episode, Matt Dabbs and Bobby Harrington discuss those tools and they cover our free and premium resources, including blogs, ebooks, podcasts, books, assessments, videos, and specific toolkits, all designed to facilitate disciple-making. This conversation also highlights some key figures in disciple-making, their content, and their contributions to the community. They also talk through upcoming events and more.

Join this coming may for our national Forum on Disciple Making Culture:

Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction to

01:41 Understanding the Mission of

02:18 The Difference Between Being a Disciple and Making Disciples

02:58 Exploring the Resources Available on

04:30 The Importance of eBooks in Discipleship

09:42 The Role of Podcasts in Discipleship

11:06 The Value of Books in Discipleship

14:07 The Power of Free Tools in Discipleship

16:50 The Impact of Premium Content in Discipleship

19:50 The Significance of Assessments in Discipleship

22:22 Exploring the YouTube Channel of

34:43 Conclusion: The Vision of


Join us at our National Forum this May on Disciple Making Culture


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