Monday May 06, 2024

Q&A Session With Rob Sweet, Rob Rogers, and Bobby Harrington

This is the Q&A session from Rob Sweet and Rob Rogers, so if you haven’t listened to the previous two episodes, please skip back and do that before going any further. The Robs talk with Bobby Harrington about their collective focus on leading people to faith in Jesus and fostering lifelong discipleship within their churches. 

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Opening Remarks and the Importance of Unity in Faith

00:53 Introductions and Initial Reactions

01:14 Discussing Misconceptions and Clarity in Ministry

02:03 The Challenge of Maintaining Mission Focus in Churches

07:23 The Pain and Reward of Making Hard Choices for Clarity

12:46 Exploring the Concept of Attractional Church and Its Challenges

18:01 The Role of Discipleship and Relationship in Church Growth

25:47 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude


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