Monday Apr 01, 2024

Multiplying Disciples: Insights from Brandon Guindon's Disciple Making Culture

We’re wrapping our special series on Disciple Making Culture with part 2 of a conversation with the Disciple Making Culture man himself - Brandon Guindon. If you haven’t heard part one, jump back to episode 40 and listen to that before going any further. This episode is an explanation of the final essential components of disciple making culture - relational environments and the reproducible process. We have to model Jesus' relational method of disciple-making by fostering environments for personal growth as well as application of biblical teaching, and also establishing methods for multiplying and expanding the culture. Brandon also gives us practical advice on forming small groups and strategies to encourage the reproduction of disciple-making efforts within our church communities.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Diving Into Part Two: Continuing the Disciple Making Culture Conversation

00:26 Exploring Key Component #3: The Power of Relational Environments

07:19 The Role of the Holy Spirit in Discipleship and Empowerment

15:52 Practical Insights: Building Reproducible Disciple Making Processes in Churches

29:42 Leveraging Resources and Encouragement for Disciple Making

32:15 Closing Thoughts: The Journey of Discipleship

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