Monday May 13, 2024

Leveraging Mobile Apps for Effective Disciple Making: A Comprehensive Guide (feat. Steve McCoy)

This final track session from SmallCircle focuses on utilizing the small circle mobile app for disciple making. This free app really helps with one-to-one engagement based on Jesus's methods. Highlighting the app's features, including customizable modules for spiritual growth, offline functionality for global accessibility, and a unique disciple tracking system, this episode aims to equip users for meaningful disciple making by leveraging technology. Additionally, Steve addresses the importance of personalization in spiritual guidance.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction to the Final Session of SmallCircle

00:18 Understanding SmallCircle's Approach to Discipleship

02:55 Exploring the Mobile App: A Comprehensive Guide

04:30 Navigating the SmallCircle Web App and Its Features

05:03 The Power of Personalized Discipleship Through the App

28:51 Exploring Mix: A Companion Tool for Discipleship

32:34 Closing Thoughts and Prayer

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