Monday Apr 29, 2024

Leading a Church to Follow Jesus as You Learn to Follow Him Yourself (feat. Rob Sweet)

Today's episode features lead pastor Rob Sweet from Fellowship Bible Church here in the Franklin, TN area. Since 2014, Rob has guided the church to reevaluate its mission statement to emphasize discipleship explicitly. They now prioritize becoming a community that follows Jesus wholeheartedly and assist others in doing the same.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Opening Remarks: The Joy of Helping People Follow Jesus

00:42 The Journey of Fellowship Bible Church Towards Disciple Making

01:27 Redefining the Mission: Emphasizing Discipleship

03:25 The Challenge of Defining What It Means to Follow Jesus

04:45 Introducing Concrete Practices to Follow Jesus

08:09 Criteria for Selecting Core Practices of Following Jesus

09:22 Unveiling the Four Core Practices of a Follower of Jesus

14:37 The Impact of Implementing the Four Practices


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