Monday May 20, 2024

Intentional Family Discipleship in Your Church (feat. Jay Austin)

“Parents are meant to be the primary discipler of their children.”

Jay Austin is preaching his mantra in this episode: the church's role is equipping parents to be the primary spiritual leaders in their children's lives. He encourages us with personal experiences and strategies, focusing on milestones, mentoring, and moments to guide children from birth to adulthood. Learn practical steps to integrate faith into everyday life, and be empowered to foster a loving relationship with God and navigate modern challenges such as technology and identity with biblical wisdom.

Check out the Real Life Theology Conversations Website on Family Discipleship: 

Key Takeaways 

00:00 Opening Remarks on Family Discipleship

01:29 Introducing the Three Key Areas: Milestones, Mentoring, and Moments

05:18 The Biblical Foundation for Family Discipleship

10:53 Implementing Milestones in Family Discipleship

17:23 The Power of Mentors in Shaping Children's Lives

23:29 The Role of the Church in Supporting Families

25:36 Moments That Matter: Applying Atomic Habits

30:42 Navigating Conversations on Sexuality and Identity

36:25 Prioritizing Children's Well-being and Mental Health

37:28 Transformative Rhythms for Discipling Children


Resources on Family Discipleship 

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Family Discipleship: The Present and Future State of Family Discipleship

Check out the Real Life Theology Conversations Website on Family Discipleship: 

Blog by Jay Austin on How Churches Can Engage in Family Discipleship

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