Monday Mar 18, 2024

Cultivating Discipleship in House Churches (feat. Matthew Anderson)

This episode features a conversation with Matthew Anderson, who has been instrumental in planting churches and making disciples in Utah through Plant Utah. Be prepared for an in-depth exploration of disciple-making and church planting in a region where Evangelical Christians represent a very small minority. Matthew shares insights into the unique challenges of ministry in Utah, emphasizing relational and experiential engagement over traditional apologetics. This conversation covers the evolution of their ministry model from house churches to a network of microchurches, and the essential role of genuine relationships, intentional discipleship, and reliance on the Holy Spirit in their mission. 

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For more information about Matthew Anderson and the work he is doing you can visit: 


Key Takeaways 

00:00 Meet the Disciples: Matt Dabbs and Matthew Anderson

00:33 The Mission in Utah: Disciples Making Disciples

01:07 The Challenges of Evangelism in Utah

01:37 The Strategy: Discipleship and Church Planting

01:52 The Reality of House Churches and Missional Communities

03:23 Understanding the Culture and Context of Utah

06:23 The Approach: Intentional and Relational Disciple Making

08:17 The Impact: Stories of Transformation and Growth

14:27 The Process: From Discovery Groups to Micro Churches

30:01 The Power of Intentionality and Culture in Discipleship

35:52 Conclusion: The Long-Term Commitment to Disciple Making


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