Wednesday May 08, 2024

Getting Beyond Information Transfer (feat. Steve McCoy)

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This episode dives into innovative and effective strategies for discipleship, with a strong emphasis on the practice of creating deeply personal and transformative relationships within various group sizes, inspired by the model of Jesus. The "circles" Steve talks about represent different levels of fellowship and teaching, from large worship services to intimate one-to-one mentorships. Customized content and relational depth at each level is super important. These activities aim to personalize and deepen the understanding and practice of biblical principles, culminating in the ultimate goal of disciples making disciples. We need to use personal stories, experiential learning, and creative engagement methods to facilitate deep, lasting spiritual growth and prepare disciples for effective ministry and multiplication.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Discipleship

00:31 Exploring the Circles of Discipleship: Crowds, Groups, and One-to-One

01:58 The Distinctive Relationships and Content in Discipleship

02:14 Deep Dive into One-to-One Discipleship Dynamics

05:38 Strategies for Effective Discipleship and Multiplication

07:51 Addressing Challenges and Questions in Discipleship

15:03 Leveraging Information for Transformation in Discipleship

17:05 The Experience Age: Enhancing Discipleship with Experiential Learning

25:25 Breaking Down Barriers and Building Trust in Discipleship

27:07 The Power of Relational Discipleship

27:30 Introducing Discipleship Labs: A New Approach

29:03 Personalizing Discipleship Through Unique Experiences

31:49 Deep Dive into Personal Stories: The Impact of Discipleship

34:52 Expanding the Discipleship Experience with Mobile Apps

37:03 Creative Labs and Their Impact Across Cultures

37:52 The Unforgettable Lab: Letters of Unconditional Love

43:12 The Essence of Personalized Disciple Making

46:30 Closing Thoughts and Prayer

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