Wednesday May 22, 2024

Family Discipleship: A Plan Your Family Can Start Today (feat. David Hunzicker)

David Hunzicker emphasizes the crucial role of parents in the spiritual discipleship of their children. He lays out a compelling case for why family discipleship should be the primary responsibility for parents today, as well as gives us practical tips and resources to help engage our children in meaningful Bible studies at home. It concludes with actionable ideas and community-building tips to motivate and equip parents and caregivers in their spiritual journey with their children.

Key Takeaways 

00:00 Opening Prayer and Embracing Family Discipleship

02:00 The Inspiring Story of Jim Elliot: A Call to Action for Parents

05:18 Addressing the Crisis of Faith in Young Evangelicals

06:46 Empowering Parents: The Heart of Discipleship at Home

16:32 Introducing Real Life Theology Conversations: A Resource for Families

25:42 Practical Tips and Strategies for Effective Family Discipleship

35:01 Closing Thoughts: The Vision for Future Family Discipleship


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