Monday Jun 10, 2024

Discovering the First Truth of a Biblical Man (feat. Tim Brown)

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Tim Brown from Re Up Men's Movement addresses the pressing issues faced by men in today's society, particularly focusing on identity and the importance of understanding one's identity in Christ. He highlights the startling statistics related to church involvement, faith abandonment among young men, and the lack of male participation in church activities. Many men derive their value from their material possessions and professional achievements rather than from their identity in Christ, resulting in leadership issues and a sense of despair, confusion, and hopelessness. This episode underscores the need for men to seek friendship, community, and spiritual growth, promoting a model of discipleship and intentional time with fewer people for greater impact.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction to Re Up Men's Movement

05:16 The Need for Change in Men's Ministry

06:44 The Fire Team Structure

07:31 Creating Contexts for Spiritual Growth

08:49 The Generational Gap in Churches

09:46 Defining Biblical Manhood

11:56 The Problem of Indifference

18:17 Understanding Condemnation and Identity

23:52 Understanding the New Creature Concept

27:54 Dual Nature Debate

30:35 Identity in Christ

37:08 Testimonies of Transformation

41:00 Conclusion: The Importance of Identity

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Resources on Discipleship

The Definition of a Disciple

Becoming a Disciple Maker

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