Monday Feb 05, 2024

Jason Shepperd’s Disciple Making Model

Highlight – “Everything Jesus did was Discipleship.” 

In today’s episode, Jason Shepherd discusses his revolutionary approach to Church Projects, a movement that started in 2010. He emphasizes the importance of distributing pastoral leadership, decentralizing church gatherings, and fostering diverse discipleship communities grounded in shared scripture. He also discusses the function of house churches and how they enrich the church community. Furthermore, he provides practical tips for managing kids within a house church setting and fostering powerful church growth. The discussion is tied together with a focus on aligning all church activities with Biblical teachings, values, and examples.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction and Prayer

07:09 The Concept of Distributed Pastoral Leadership

11:28 The Importance of Diverse Discipleship Communities

14:30 The Balance Between Large Gatherings and House Churches

19:18 Protecting Sound Doctrine in House Churches

20:30 The Role of House Church Pastors

23:56 The Health of House Churches

27:19 The Structure of House Church Gatherings

29:17 The Role of Children in House Churches

33:18 The Benefits of a Separate Sunday Gathering

36:59 The Church Project Network


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