Wednesday May 01, 2024

Culture Change: From Management to Movement (feat. Rob Rogers)

Rob Rogers shares his personal journey from addiction to pastoral ministry, highlighting the shift his church, Grace Chapel, made from a management-focused to a discipleship-centered approach.

Last day – Forum begins at 11AM – Registration for our upcoming event –  National Disciple Making Forum (Disciple Making Culture).

Key Takeaways 

00:00 Meet Rob Rogers: From Addiction to Ministry

01:13 The Shift from Managing Ministry to Cultivating Discipleship

03:04 Evaluating Outcomes: The Real Fruit of Ministry

07:10 Clarifying Vision and Culture for Effective Discipleship

12:49 Adjusting Systems for Sustainable Disciple Making

14:50 Implementing Core Values: Humble, Healthy, Hungry

19:15 Feedback and Accountability: The Path to Growth


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