Monday Apr 22, 2024

Courageous Discipleship in the Home (feat. Chris Harper)

Chris Harper dives into the theological concept Jesus as a prophet, a priest, and a king. These roles are mirrored in the responsibilities of fatherhood and leadership within a Christian family, and this episode is really about helping Christian fathers to reflect Christ in the family. Dads need to be leading but from a place of love, giving encouragement along with spiritual guidance, and the stewardship of the family's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Men have a unique responsibility in the home to foster an environment that nurtures faith and aligns with Christian values.

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Key Takeaways 

00:00 Introduction to Discipleship and the Path to Follow

00:30 The Shift in Discipleship Strategies and the Importance of a Structured Approach

01:19 Core Elements of Discipling Men: Spirit of the Word, Body, Mind, and Service

02:51 Understanding Gender Differences in Learning and Communication

05:49 Addressing the Delay in Maturation Among Men and Its Societal Impacts

08:55 Navigating Relational, Psychological, and Theological Changes in Discipleship

14:53 Theological Guidance and Encouraging Critical Thinking

24:04 Sociological Change: Inviting Men into a Larger Story

26:38 The Importance of Preaching the Full Gospel

27:09 A Cautionary Tale from Pastoral Experience

28:13 Challenging Easy Believism with Genuine Faith

28:49 The Three Essential Elements of Belief According to R.C. Sproul

30:00 John Piper's Addition to the Faith Discussion

30:58 The Parable of The Room: Desires vs. Reality

32:14 The Central Question of Discipleship: What Do You Desire?

33:06 Understanding Salvation and Fighting Sin

33:46 The Misconception of Living However You Want After Salvation

34:03 The Journey Towards Holiness and Patience in Discipleship

36:51 Addressing the Challenges of Modern Manhood

44:47 Discipleship as a Path to True Manhood


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