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Kingdom Stewardship (feat. Josh Howard and David Kaufmann)

The Ts of Kingdom Stewardship

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In this episode, speakers from E3 Partners introduce the Five Ts of Stewardship—a framework for effective kingdom work. The Five Ts are Targets, Tools, Teaming, Training, and Tracking. They emphasize the importance of setting clear and measurable targets, like the 'five by five' approach, which focuses on five people groups and five geographic locations for evangelism.

The session highlights the need for strategic tools and continuous training to foster discipleship and organizational growth. They give practical advice on building and maintaining effective ministry teams, stressing the importance of regular rhythms and structures for sustainable success. Tracking and accountability are underscored as essential for ensuring productive and mission-aligned initiatives. Various tracking methods, such as church health tracking and generational mapping, are detailed to emphasize accurate stewardship and accountability.

The speakers also cover the significance of ongoing coaching and training to maintain momentum and adjust strategies. This session is a valuable guide for anyone looking to contribute meaningfully to kingdom stewardship, whether locally or globally.

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Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction to Stewardship and the Five Ts

00:40 Defining Targets: The Five by Five Strategy

03:08 Tools for Success: Circles of Accountability

06:37 Building Effective Teams

08:47 The Importance of Rhythms in Teaming

11:03 Prioritizing Time for Kingdom Work

13:15 The Power of Modeling and Prayer Walking

15:10 Training for Multiplication

17:14 Building Rhythms in the Calendar

18:02 Encouragement for Shifting to Disciple-Making

18:38 The Importance of Training and Coaching

21:35 Tracking Progress and Stewardship

29:41 Generational Mapping and Church Health

31:32 Seven Phases of Movement

33:42 Strategic Focus for Global Gospel Saturation


Resources on Discipleship

See below for a more comprehensive summary of this episode:

In this episode, Josh Howard and David Kaufmann discuss effective stewardship and outreach through the "Five Ts": Targets, Teaming, Training, Tracking, and Tools.

Targets: They highlight the importance of clear targets, using the "five by five" strategy to identify five specific population segments and geographic locations for evangelism. This helps allocate resources effectively and focus on high-need areas. Methods like the "circle of accountability" ensure everyone hears the gospel.

Teaming: They stress the value of strong, collaborative teams with consistent schedules and practices. Team formation around specific targets improves organization and mutual encouragement.

Training: Various programs equip individuals with practical skills for their mission. Continuous training and coaching ensure ongoing development and problem resolution.

Tracking: Measuring progress and ensuring accountability through metrics like gospel shares, new believers, and group establishment is vital. Tools like generational maps help track church network development.

Tools: Providing tangible resources for evangelism, discipleship, and gathering is essential. Effective tools ensure everyone knows how to contribute efficiently.

Throughout the episode, the interconnectedness of the Five Ts is emphasized. Setting targets informs tracking, guiding training needs, supported by effective teaming and tools. This structured approach ensures a strategic mission and comprehensive outreach.

This episode dives into the organizational strategy behind successful ministry, highlighting the synergy between clear targets, effective teaming, comprehensive training, diligent tracking, and practical tools.


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