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A Culture of Big Vision (feat. Josh Howard and David Kaufmann)

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Join Josh and Corey from E3 Partners as they kick off an episode designed to help us understand and align with God's heart and vision for discipleship and multiplicative movements. They seek to shift our perspective to allow us to see our lives as a part of God's grand vision for the nations. It's importance that we have a God-sized vision that can only be accomplished through divine intervention.

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Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Study

04:36 The Importance of a God-Sized Vision

08:05 Interactive Study: Exploring Key Scriptures

19:51 Analyzing Lostness and Casting Vision

33:38 God's Vision and Our Role

39:18 The Call to Action: Training and Tools

44:32 Testimonies and Success Stories

50:48 Practical Tools for Ministry

52:52 Conclusion and Next Steps


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Disciple Making Culture: 10 Minute eBook

National Study on Disciple Making in USA Churches

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This episode, focusing on "The Culture of Big Vision," dives into the foundational aspects of cultivating a God-sized vision within Christian ministry settings. The session is led by Josh and Corey, members of E3 partners, who outline the significance of aligning one’s personal and communal visions with God’s overarching will and mission for the world.

Josh kicks off the session with a candid introduction and an engaging explanation of the necessity to understand and embrace God's vision before attempting to fulfill individual or church missions. He emphasizes that seeking God's will for broader contexts, such as cities or nations, inherently shapes and answers personal mission questions. This framework challenges listeners to shift their focus from personal spiritual callings, often seen as "snowflake purposes," to a larger, kingdom-driven vision that God has for the world.

A significant part of the session includes Josh recounting a conversation with his mentor, which shifted his perspective from asking, "What is God's will for my life?" to, "What is God's will, period?" This refocusing serves as a call to prioritize God's broader mission over individual desires and dreams.

Throughout the episode, several biblical passages are cited to highlight the breadth and depth of God's vision. This includes references from Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Matthew, Acts, and Revelation, guiding participants to understand how God's intent to reach all nations and peoples is a continuous thread from Genesis to Revelation.

The episode also discusses practical steps and attitudes necessary for seeing God's vision realized. Josh underscores the importance of having "big" vision and faith that extends beyond what congregations or teams can accomplish alone, emphasizing the power of cooperation and reliance on God.

Furthermore, the teaching segment led by Corey includes interactive elements where participants are invited to read and reflect on scriptures, focusing on who God used and the extent of His glory in each passage. This exercise solidifies the understanding that God's vision is expansive and inclusive, aimed at reaching every person and nation.

Personal anecdotes and testimonies provide real-world context to the teachings. Josh shares experiences from his interactions with various global ministries and highlights a story from a friend in Kenya to exemplify having a vision so great it seems to make God 'sweat.' This inspires listeners to elevate their expectations and prayers beyond modest or "weak sauce" targets to truly transformative aspirations.

The session concludes with a series of next steps, urging participants to consider how they can inject this big vision into their local church cultures. They are encouraged to continuously cast, clarify, and reiterate this vision, ensuring it permeates their congregational life and mission efforts. Corey offers practical advice on devising strategies and creating actionable tools to facilitate this vision in their ministries.

Overall, the episode is a rousing call to adopt and integrate a God-sized vision into personal and communal faith journeys, emphasizing scriptural grounding, practical application, and collaborative effort to achieve substantial spiritual transformation in local contexts and beyond.

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